martedì 14 luglio 2009

Swimming tour of Europa

Filippo Tassara
Since 2005, Federal Technical Responsible for agonistic division of the Italian National Long Distance Swimming Team for 25Km Contributor for a number of magazines with publishing of sports articles.
Coach of Luca Baldini, World and European multi-champion for long distance swimming in the competition of 5 km.

Dear Friends,

At the end of July, thanks to my friendship with Salvatore Cimmino I will be able to achieve the dream I have had since, as a young water polo player in the historical “Nicola Mameli” team of Voltri, I would hear people talk about the “famous” Channel Crossing.
Departure from the white cliffs of Dover. Eighteen miles of pure swimming, using any style known to man. Roughly the same distance between Naples and Capri. Just this year, one of my athletes, rather a great young athlete, Edoardo Stochino, who I trained, won a marvellous third place in seven hours and four minutes - a wonderful time.
But here we have Salvatore Cimmino with whom I shared the joy of his first Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy) in May 2007. He has asked me to assist him on a new fabulous adventure.
Of the six legs that make up the Tour of Europe he has saved for me the most demanding; the Channel !! So much could be said about this test that challenges man against himself and against nature in its extreme elements. Salvatore will write his name in a test that has seen firstly, the famous Capitain Webb who beat the elements by completing the crossing swimming only breaststroke. To know Salvatore and make available to him all my experience together with our Doctor friend Giovanni Giordano is something that will go beyond the hopes of that young boy who, fifty years ago, listening to those stories, dreamed of making that crossing his own.

Thank you Salvatore and … FORZA ! As usual, you will display all your greatness.
Filippo Tassara

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