mercoledì 31 luglio 2013

Italy sanctioned by the EU

Rottnest Island - Susan Henderson together of the leg of Salvatore

In Italy, those who can’t see, those who can’t hear, those who can’t walk, everyone who suffers from a disability, is doomed to be excluded and marginalized

A person with a disability is automatically considered as ill, in other words a patient for life, because disabilities continue to be treated as health issues, rather than, as happens in all civilized countries, an equal opportunity issue.

New technologies continue to be ignored in our country, except, at times, for injured workers. By excluding the disabled citizen from social life – if you do not exploit and enhance the remaining capabilities, this prevents you from improving the quality of life itself – it will seriously affect the social costs.
Our cities, in spite of the basic rights of civil society, continue to be inaccessible: architectural barriers preclude the right to autonomy, freedom and, therefore, dignity of persons with disabilities.

As in a banana republic, the weakest suffer the most. No later than a week ago, covered up by the total silence of the media (and this should be an interesting matter of debate), a judgment of the European Court of Justice has reminded us that Italy has not taken all the necessary measures to ensure adequate professional integration of the disabled into the labor market. According to the European judges, our country “has failed to fulfill its obligations as a result of its incomplete implementation of a directive adoptend in the year 2000, on equal treatment in employment and occupation.”

In response to the European Court, our main institution, the Government, has argued that, the adaptation of premises and equipment and the working time schedules of persons with disabilities, are elements that result in a disproportionate burden on the employers and therefore, in the state budget, these funds have been completely canceled. In essence, it was confirmed that the disabled will never be an asset, but rather that they will continue to be considered as a heavy burden on the state coffers.

Truly yours
Salvatore Cimmino

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