giovedì 10 aprile 2014

Stop and Think

Swimming in the seas of the globe, for a world without barriers and without borders

Stop and think, disability is, in our society, a state of personal and social disadvantage where prejudice and stigma lead people with disabilities to physical and emotional isolation, poverty on human relations; the integration problems and poor opportunities of planning resulting in a sort of social rejection.

Stop and think, the person with a disability is rejected in marginality , deprived of every right and opportunity to act according to his desires, needs and abilities.This sad reality appears a clear conception ofb assistance of people with disabilities that makes them second-class citizens .

Stop and think, the person with a disability is qualified as witnessed. Unproductive, useless, incapable, in short a person to look after in every single aspect.

Stop and think, parents of a child with disabilities often spill out onto their child a whole range of behaviors of defense, to protect from conflicting emotions that they bring with them since his birth: denial, fear, loneliness, guilt. These behaviors will influence significantly the formation of the personality of the child. One of the most serious consequences, in my opinion, is the exclusion of the child from learning to acquire autonomy.

Stop and think, all parents of children with disabilities, have a lots of problems in accepting the disability of their child, lived fundamentally as a bad luck. Some, of them moan in front of their children, as if they were unable to understand. Not to mention the environment surrounding the family that, very often, does not help for a change of mindset. In fact, often relatives and friends as a fundamental attitude show only pietism towards disability.

Stop and think, socialization is often denied to people with disabilities in the places where they live every day: community, school, work.

Stop and think, in our society it is time to change and break down all the barriers and stereotypes of social and cultural level, we must strive to make people aware that diversity is a value.

Stop and think, this is the way to start a long journey that surely will improve equality among individuals.

Salvatore Cimmino

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