lunedì 2 maggio 2011

Dear Fellows traveller

I’ m very sorry to communicate to you that the FINA has decided to cancel the Sumidero Canyon 2011 competition, planned for the 7th of May in Mexico.

The decision has been taken to protect the athletes health as the tests made on the canyon water has given not good results.

You all can imagine how disappointing this decision is for me, even if I understand and accept the reason why it has been taken.

Once again in this circumstance, I have received the support of lots of people that I wish to thank very much for their help.

In particular, the Italian Ambassador in Mexico, S.E. Roberto Spinelli, who had organized, together with his extraordinary co-workers, an official meeting with the Italian community in country; Mr Gianni Vinciguerra for his helpfulness in solving, together with the “Istituto Italiano di Cultura” lots of problems related to the organization of the event and in liaising with the organization of the Sumidero.

I thank very much also Mr Josè Gutierrez of the Sport Institut in Chapas, technical coordinator of the event.

To all this persons I show my full appreciation, I hope to have the opportunity to go to Mexico as soon as possible and meet and embrace all of them personally.

I would like to se you all in Canada for the following step of the project “a nuoto nei mari del globo, per un mondo senza barriere e senza frontiere” where I will be guest of the Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific and where I will swim from the wonderful Oak Bay Island to the College.

Best regards to you all

Salvatore Cimmino

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