lunedì 7 febbraio 2011

Mucho Gracias Argentina

Salvatore Cimmino con Carlos Larreira

I am glad to share with those who follow me with trepidation and passion, the joy and pride I felt during my stay in Argentina.
I have experienced the affection and sympathy of warm-hearted people, the participation of the Board of the Santa Fe - Coronda in my battle and the embrace that the Italian community, through the consulate, has wished to reserve me.
All this has produced a "sports miracle": I'm not a great swimmer and cannot compare myself to the other contestants and yet, through a discipline whose fundamental values are passion and sacrifice, I still try to build a bridge that unites the world of the disabled with the one of the so-called "normal" people. I'm happy to quote my trainer and friend Filippo Tassara's chronicle of this leg:
"The idea of swimming a South American leg of Salvatore Cimmino's swimming tour of the world and linking it to the celebrations for the fiftieth anniversary of the Santa Fe - Coronda swimming marathon originated from Filippo Tassera, Cimmino's athletic trainer, and became real when it was shared with Diego Degano and Marcelo Micocci, the two leading organizers of one of the toughest swimming competitions in the world.
The current route runs along the Rio Parana to the Rio Coronda for 57 km. In 1961, at the time of the first edition, the route was 47 km long, all straight and without lateral detours. The winner was the Argentinian Carlos Larriera.
On Jan. 30 2011, on the date of the 38th Marathon, Salvatore Cimmino has swum from the Port of Santa Fe to Coronda (47 km), in 5 hours and 43 minutes, in the murky and muddy waters of the Rio, where at times the overwhelming current gives you a hand in the effort to keep strong and resist for so long. Salvatore has worn, as always, his light wetsuit, even if the water's temperature was 28° C.
The warm cheering of the many Argentinian people who were waiting for Stoychev and company on the edges of the Rio was noteworthy: each year at least one hundred and thirty thousand people attend the race.
Upon arrival, he was welcomed by Larriera himself, who wanted to personally congratulate him.
It has been a significant time and achievement for Cimmino, who swims for the Circolo Canottieri Aniene, and is a right-leg amputee who swims for "A world without barriers and without borders."
Salvatore has been introduced to the authorities and was celebrated together with all the participants in the 38th edition of the Santa Fe - Coronda, as well has being hosted in several TV shows.
He is expected to return to Italy on Thursday, where he will resume training in anticipation of the fourth stage."

Let me conclude by warmly thanking the local media who have put so much effort; Diego Degano and Marcelo Micocci of the Board of the Santa Fe Coronda; Hugo Palermo for his brotherly affection, the Consul Rosario Miccichè and the Vice Consul Dino Gaetano Novello, the cities of Santa Fe and Coronda and Nicholas, who has assisted and fed me while I was swimming.

With affection

Salvatore Cimmino

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