martedì 28 luglio 2009

A splendid day

A few days ago, I wrote that I was particularly happy to participate to a bright initiative and now, having lived this experience, understand that I am fortunate to have got to know marvellous people with whom I have shared a magic moment that has enriched me and taught me that nothing is impossible. Overall, considering that this emotional event was realised with passion and love for a person that, through his eagerness, knew how to drive us and transform us into a single unit and, with his willingness to be with us, sustained us all to overcome a sea that was so difficult that even the tugboat that in the morning took us to Fornelli struggled to contend with it.

If I think that I discovered how to swim in 2005, the year in which Giancarlo realised the prodigy to pull together a group of friends to defeat, through research, a spinal injury then, let me say that this was not a simple coincidence but a meeting that can only marvel because it united us to swim together towards a world without prejudice, social marginalisation and exclusion; to swim towards a world in which disability is lived with a constructive spirit, positive values being given to diversity, drawing upon the sharing of the teaching difficulties in general; to swim towards a world that is supportive for those who still cannot make it, with those who resist to support the struggle of a life full of difficulties and lacking emotive relations, with those who succumb to individual egoisms and do not find the courage to vindicate dignity and love; to swim towards a world I which, with the participation of those in politics at all levels, there is a society that allows the parents to see their disabled children given the requested attention by a community ready to care for them with love and respect.

Thank you Giancarlo, Gianluca, Fabio, John and all the “Colonna” for having found me and having made my life more beautiful.

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